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Flame Thrower  Palm Tree

Very are flame thrower palm tree in the wild

The Flame Thrower Palm Tree, scientific name Chambeyronia macrocarpa, is an exotic palm tree with bright red leaflet that emerges among dark green feathery fronds. Because of the red leaflet this palm has a commonly called Flame Thrower Palm or Blushing Palm. Flame Thrower Palm Tree is a great indoor palm.

Flame Thrower Palm Tree Info

Scientific name: Chambeyronia macrocarpa

Common names: The Flame Thrower Palm is also known as Red Feather Palm, Red Leaf Palm, Blushing Palm, Watermelon Palm.

Family: Arecaceae

Origin: The Flame Thrower Palm is native to the island of New Caledonia located east of Australia and north of New Zealand.

Appearance: It has clear single trunk with 10-12ft long pinnate leaves that are growing from a long yellow crownshaft. This palm has a spectacular bright red leaflet that emerges from the dark green crown and lasts for about 2 weeks.

Flowers/Fruits: It produces stalks of small purple flowers that comes from below the crownshaft.  Inflorescence is branched. Flowers are followed by small round  berrylike green fruits that turn red when ripe.

Growth Rate: Slow. This slow growing palm can get up to 10 – 20 ft tall and 15-20 ft wide.

Outdoor/Indoor Use: Both.

Cold Tolerance: Flame Thrower Palm can resist temperatures down to 20F when mature enough. It is great for growing in USDA Zones 9a (20 to 25 F) to 11 (above 40 F).

Light Req: Full sun to partial shade. It likes full sun but can also grow in partial shade.

Water Req: Moderate. It does best in moist well drained soil.

Maintenance: Easy. To prevent nutritional deficiency, apply good quality palm fertilizer that has continuous release formula twice a year during growing season.

Propagation: Propagated by seed.

Flame Thrower Palm Tree Benefits

The Flame Thrower Palm Tree, scientifically known as Chambeyronia macrocarpa, boasts numerous benefits, demonstrating its global popularity. Here are the top 10 benefits:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: It adds a unique and exotic look to any landscape with its vibrant red fronds.

  2. Easy Maintenance: This palm tree requires minimal care, proving to be a low-maintenance choice for gardeners.

  3. Moderate Growth Rate: Allows for easy management and containment within desired spaces.

  4. Adaptability: It thrives in various soil types and adjusts well to partial shade or full sun conditions.

  5. Resistance: It shows resistance to pests and diseases, reducing the need for chemical interventions.

  6. Air Purifier: Like other plants, it contributes to air purification by absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting oxygen.

  7. Cold Tolerance: It can withstand cooler temperatures, making it suitable for various climates.

  8. Erosion Control: Its root system helps in controlling soil erosion, particularly in sloped landscapes.

  9. Wildlife Attraction: It serves as a habitat and food source for certain species of birds and insects.

  10. Long Lifespan: With proper care, Flame Thrower Palm Trees can live and enhance your garden for many years.

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