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Indiana is way too cold to even think about growing palm trees. Indiana has a muggy mainland atmosphere, with cool winters and warm summers. The normal temperatures in January go from 17°F (– 8°C) to 35°F (2°C). Normal temperatures in July extend from 63°F (17°C) to 88°F (31°C). 

Indiana USDA zones territory from 5a to 6b. The hottest temperature at any point recorded was 116°f (47°C) and the most minimal was – 36°F (– 38°C). They have the occasional drought from time to time, but usually have a great deal of precipitation and snowfall that tends to average to around 22 in (56 cm) a year. 

Palm Trees in Indiana 

Growing palm trees here? Better be prepared to put some work in for cold protection! If you decided you must have a palm here in your yard, you'll have to make a microclimate as warm as the climate is in the 7b zone. Needle Palm is very cold tested and will endure cold down to - 10F. Regardless you should furnish it with cold protection measures like burlap, cloths, mulch, heaters, and more! Here are cold hardiest palm trees that have a shot: 

Needle Palm Tree – Zones 5b-11 (- 15 to - 10F)

European Fan Palm Tree – Zones 7b-11 (5 to 10 F) 

Pindo Palm Tree – Zones 7b-11 (5 to 10 F) 

Sago Palm Tree – Zones 7b-11 (5 to 10 F) 

Saw Palmetto Palm Tree – Zones 7a-11 (0 to 5 F) 

Windmill Palm Tree – Zones 7b-11 (5 to 10 F)

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