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Discover Montana: A State Too Cold for Palm Trees 


Montana, an expansive state with diverse climates, is an unlikely place for palm tree growth. With semi-arid and mainland climatic regions, temperatures can reach an average of 27°F (– 2°C) in January and 85°F (29°C) in July.


During winter, frigid conditions prevail, with major urban areas receiving significant amounts of snow ranging from 30 to 50 inches (760 to 1,300 mm) annually. Record-breaking temperatures have been noted, with the highest reaching 117°F (47°C) and the lowest plummeting to – 70°F (– 57°C). Montana USDA zones range from 2a to 6a.


Considering the challenging climate, the opportunity to have palm trees in your yard in Montana seems unlikely. However, there is a solution. By purchasing potted palm trees, you can bring the tropical beauty indoors during colder months and enjoy them outdoors when temperatures permit. Explore some remarkable indoor/outdoor palm options for your Montana landscape.

Potted Palm Tree Options In Montana

Areca Palm Tree – Zones 9a – 11 (20 to 25 F) 

Chinese Fan Palm Tree – Zones 8a – 11 (10 to 15 F) 

Kentia Palm Tree – Zones 9b – 11 (25 to 30 F) 

Lady Palm Tree – Zones 8b – 11 (15 to 20 F)

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