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Can Palm Trees Grow In New Jersey?

It is a difficult challenge to grow and sustain palm trees in New Jersey. New Jersey can be partitioned into a couple of areas with an atmosphere going from sticky mesothermal to a muggy mainland. Summers are regularly sweltering and damp with normal July temperatures of 75°F (24°C). Winters are cold with a normal January temperature of 31°F (– 1°C). Yearly snowfall ranges from 10-to 50 inches (0.25-1.3 m). You can actually buy or rent real palm trees in NJ for the summer from a local business. Palm trees for sale/rent in New Jersey.

New Jersey gets around 25 to 30 rainstorms per year. The state receives all types of weather, from snowstorms to hurricanes and even tornadoes. The hottest temperature at any point recorded was 110°F (43°C) and the least was – 34°F (– 37°C). New Jersey USDA zones territory from 5a to 7b. 

Palm Trees in New Jersey 

New Jersey is for the most part a pretty cold state with just a few areas in zone 7b. On the off chance that you take a stab at developing palms outside of zone 7, they won't endure without winter protection. Here are a few hardy palms that can be had in Zone 7: 

Needle Palm Tree – Zones 5b-11 (- 15 to - 10F)

European Fan Palm Tree – Zones 7b-11 (5 to 10 F) 

Pindo Palm Tree – Zones 7b-11 (5 to 10 F) 

Sago Palm Tree – Zones 7b-11 (5 to 10 F) 

Saw Palmetto Palm Tree – Zones 7a-11 (0 to 5 F) 

Windmill Palm Tree – Zones 7b-11 (5 to 10 F)

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Windmill Palm Tree In New Jersey
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