The state of New York is too cold to even think about growing palm trees. However, you can still Buy or Rent palm trees if you are from this area with this local business: CT Palm Trees - Palm Trees For Sale In New York.  New York has  a muggy mainland atmosphere impacted by Atlantic Ocean. The normal July temperatures go from 79°F to 84°F (26°C to 28°C). The normal January temperatures go from 28°F to 38°F (- 2°C to 3°C). Yearly measure of snow ranges from 29-110 in (74-279 cm) contingent upon the area. New York very sporadically gets hit by tropical storms


The hottest temperature at any point recorded was 108°F (42°C) and the most reduced was – 52°F (– 47°C). New York USDA zones range from 3a to 7b. 


Palm Trees in New York 


This state is unreasonably cold for developing palms, however in the event that you live in zone 7a or 7b, you can attempt, with winter protection. Hardy palm trees of the toughest variety would be needed, ones that can endure cold down to 0F. You could also make a microclimate and give your palms a chance amid winter months outside. Here are a few palms that can develop in zone 7: 


Needle Palm Tree – Zones 5b-11 (- 15 to - 10F)

European Fan Palm Tree – Zones 7b-11 (5 to 10 F) 

Pindo Palm Tree – Zones 7b-11 (5 to 10 F) 

Sago Palm Tree – Zones 7b-11 (5 to 10 F) 

Saw Palmetto Palm Tree – Zones 7a-11 (0 to 5 F) 

Windmill Palm Tree – Zones 7b-11 (5 to 10 F)


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