South Dakota obviously is unreasonably cold for harboring palm trees. South Dakota has a mainland atmosphere with sweltering semi-moist summers and incredibly cool winters. The normal July temperatures go from 74°F to 80°F (23°C to 26°C) while the normal January temperatures run from 15°F to 25°F (- 9°C to - 3°C). South Dakota gets around 30 twisters every year. Amid winter this state gets numerous large snow storms and ice storms.

The hottest temperature at any point recorded was 120°F (49°C) and the least was – 58°F (– 50°C). South Dakota USDA zones 3a to 5b. 

Palm Trees in South Dakota 

This state is certainly not meant for palm trees. If you are able to get some, make sure they remain potted so that you can bring them inside during the colder months. Here are some extraordinary indoor/outdoor palms: 

Areca Palm Tree – Zones 9a – 11 (20 to 25 F) 

Chinese Fan Palm Tree – Zones 8a – 11 (10 to 15 F) 

Kentia Palm Tree – Zones 9b – 11 (25 to 30 F) 

Lady Palm Tree – Zones 8b – 11 (15 to 20 F)