The state of Vermont is obviously too cold to even think about growing palm trees. Vermont has a damp mainland atmosphere with frigid winters and warm, moist summers. The normal July temperatures run from 60-81 (15-27°C) while normal January temperatures go from 4°F to 25°F (- 15°C to - 3°C). Fall is the most lovely time for most. 

The hottest temperature at any point recorded was 105°F (41°C) and the most reduced was – 50°F (– 46°C). Vermont jumps overall between 60-100 inches (152-254 cm) of snow every year based upon the area you are in. Vermont USDA zones 3b to 5a. 


Palm Trees in Vermont 

Palm trees will not live here in the ground, so make sure to keep them in pots and move them inside before the first frost. Here are some incredible indoor/outdoor palms: 

Areca Palm Tree – Zones 9a – 11 (20 to 25 F) 

Chinese Fan Palm Tree – Zones 8a – 11 (10 to 15 F) 

Kentia Palm Tree – Zones 9b – 11 (25 to 30 F) 

Lady Palm Tree – Zones 8b – 11 (15 to 20 F)