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The Top 15 Best Small Palm Trees for Your Landscape

Palm trees are a popular landscape choice, especially in areas with warm climates. However, not all palm trees are created equal. If you're working with limited space or simply prefer smaller palms, you're in luck. There are plenty of small palm trees that can add a touch of tropical beauty to your yard. In this article, we'll share our top 15 picks for the best small palm trees.

Best Small Palm Trees For Home
Sago Palm ( Cycad ) In The Landscape

Our Guide To Our Favorite/Best Smaller Palm Trees

Areca Palm - Best Small Palm Trees For Home
Areca Palm Trees

Areca Palm - This popular palm boasts long, narrow leaves that arch gracefully. It's easy to grow and makes a great addition to any tropical landscape. This is a great palm for privacy, with several combined to make a tropical wall.

European Fan Palm - Best Small Palm Trees For Home
European Fan Palm Tree

European Fan Palm - With its fan-shaped leaves and compact stature, this palm is ideal for small spaces. It's also drought-tolerant and can handle lower temperatures than many other palm species. Small suckers grow out from the base of the tree which can very carefully be removed to make other fan palms.

Dwarf Palmetto Palm - Best Small Palm Trees For Home
Dwarf Palmetto Palm Tree

Dwarf Palmetto - When it comes to palm variety and hardiness, the dwarf palmetto is a standout. This species of palm offers lush green foliage without needing an essential trunk for support -- with fan-like leaves up to 3 feet long, stems reaching 6 feet tall, fragrant white flowers in bloom, and black fruits topping off its look - this beauty will be sure not only please your eye but also withstand cold regions with temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit!

Pygmy Palm - Best Small Palm Trees For Home
Pygmy Date Palm Tree

Pygmy Date Palm - An excellent choice for novice gardeners, the pygmy date palm (Phoenix roebelenii) is native to southern China and offers unique beauty with its feather-like leaves extending up to 4 feet in length. It requires ample sunlight or partial shade for optimal growth of 6 - 10 feet tall; moreover, temperatures must remain above 30°F if grown outdoors. This species also produces yellow flowers followed by purplish dates that make it a great addition to any home's landscaping!

Pindo Palm - Best Small Palm Trees For Home
Pindo ( Jelly ) Palm Tree

Pindo Palm - The pindo palm, or jelly palm as it is more commonly called, boasts remarkable hardiness and an ability to bring a unique tropical flair to any home. Bearing pineapple-banana flavored fruits that can be turned into jams and jellies, this feathery-leafed wonder should be kept in coastal regions due to its excellent growth rate when exposed to the right climate conditions; capable of towering up to 20 feet! It will grow slowly and remain somewhat small though in non-optimal conditions, or areas with frosty winters. So if you're looking for something exotic yet dependable that will stand out among your other plants then give the Pindo Palm some sun - and watch it thrive!

Lady Palm - Best Small Palm Trees For Home
Lady Palm Tree

Lady Palm - Lady palms are an incredibly versatile addition to any green space, adapting well both to sunny and shady environments. Their impressive size – growing up anywhere from 8 - 10 feet tall – along with their ability to survive in Zone 9B through cold winters make them perfect for adding a lush atmosphere even year round! Plus these resilient plants tolerate salty conditions too, making it ideal for coastal planting areas.

Bismarck Palm - Best Small Palm Trees For Home
Bismarck Palm Tree

Bismarck Palm - With its striking blue-green leaves and massive crown, the Bismarck Palm is a true showstopper. While it's not the smallest palm on this list, it's still considered small by palm standards and can add a dramatic touch to your yard. It is remarkably cold hardy as well.

Cat Palm - Best Small Palm Trees For Home
Cat Palm Tree

Cat Palm - An ideal houseplant for any decor, the Cat Palm (Chamaedorea cataractarum) is great to plant in a pot and set it off as an accent piece. This lush native of Mexico thrives indoors with temperatures ranging from 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit alongside medium light - not direct sunlight. It will reach around 5 feet tall and spread 3-4 feet widthwise at maximum growth; however its care won't detract from progress since all that's needed is well-drained soil, weekly waterings, and one feeding per month!

Spindle Palm - Best Small Palm Trees For Home
Spindle Palm Tree

Spindle Palm - The spindle palm is a stunning addition to any garden, home, or office. This tropical species hails from the Mascarene Islands in the Indian Ocean and can be grown both indoors and outdoors within regions such as California, Florida, or Hawaii. Given optimal conditions outside of its native environment – like plenty of sunlight and water - this tall ornamental plant has been known to reach heights up to 25 feet! When kept contained inside it tends only to grow 6 feet max due to its light grey trunk which bulges outwards resembling that classic shape we all know; a spindle form.

Chinese Fan Palm - Best Small Palm Trees For Home
Chinese Fan Palm

Chinese Fan Palm - Chinese fan palms (Livistona chinensis) are a stunning addition to any warm, humid landscape or living space. With show-stopping cascading fronds that can grow up to 60 inches in length and an iconic single trunk of a silverish-brown hue, these beautiful plants add texture and life to your backyard oasis! Planting as soon as spring arrives is ideal for this slow-growing palm tree - it will take only roughly ten years from seedling until you have the majestic centerpiece of your yard.

Christmas Palm - Best Small Palm Trees For Home
Christmas Palm Tree

Adonidia Palm - Also known as the Christmas Palm, this palm is named for its bright red fruit, which resembles ornaments. It's a popular choice for tropical landscapes and can add a festive touch to your yard. Plant out of the full sun to slow growth, but still, let it receive at least 4 hours minimum.

Needle Palm - Best Small Palm Trees For Home
Needle Palm Tree

Needle Palm - For beginner gardeners looking for an easy plant to care for, the needle palm (Rhapidophyllum hystrix) is a great option. This hardy species can survive in various soil types and climates and typically grows between six feet tall and wide - so make sure to choose your planting location carefully! The leaves of this unique variety display several colors during bloom: from white, yellow or brown flowers to red drupes that bring extra bursts of vibrancy into any outdoor space.

Sago Palm - Best Small Palm Trees For Home
Sago Palm Trees ( Cycad )

Sago Palm - With feather-like foliage and an attractive, symmetrical growth pattern, the sago palm (Cycas revolute) makes for a stunning low-growing addition to any home. Native to Asia, it can take up to 50 years to onsetting maturity where its height and width average 3 - 10 feet tall respectively. While this species will not bloom flowers like many other palms do, it does benefit from warm temperatures in well-lit spaces; however, too much direct sunlight should be avoided as these are drought-tolerant plants that need well-draining soil. Thus overwatering must always be prevented when caring for them!

Dwarf Majesty Palm - Best Small Palm Trees For Home
Dwarf Majesty Palm

Dwarf Majesty Palm - Showcase your green thumb with the stunning Dwarf Majesty Palm! Native to Madagascar and boasting a petite look similar to its larger relative, the majestic majesty palm, this hardy variety can reach up to 6 feet high at maturity. Adventurous gardeners in colder regions don't need to worry - its tropical roots may be apparent but this lush beauty is cold tolerant down to 25°F for areas such as USDA Zones 9b-11. If you're looking for some added relief during bright days then give your new plant friend light shade; otherwise let them enjoy those sunny moments!

Coconut Palm - Best Small Palm Trees For Home
Coconut Palm Tree

Coconut Palm - While not typically considered a small palm, there are dwarf varieties of the Coconut Palm that can be grown in containers or small spaces. With its iconic look and tropical feel, it's a must-have for any palm enthusiast. Plant in a sunny location and water regularly, it will reward you with its deep green leaves. Plus, the coconuts are edible if you're so inclined!

Best Small Palm Trees For Your Home

There you have it - our top 15 picks for the best small palm trees. Whether you're working with limited space or simply prefer compact plants, these palms are sure to add a touch of tropical beauty to your landscape. With a range of sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from, there's a small palm tree for every style and taste. So go ahead and add some palm trees to your yard - you won't regret it!

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