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Palm trees can survive in zone 7a if close to the Kentucky fringe that is nearer to the damp subtropical atmosphere. Illinois has a calm atmosphere. The late spring is hot and muggy with normal temperatures extending from 70°F (21°C) to 77°F (25°C). Winters are cool to cold with normal temperatures running from 22°F (– 6°C) to 37°F (3°C). Illinois USDA zones territory from 4a to 7a. 

The most astounding temperature at any point recorded was 117°F (47°C) and the least was – 36°F (– 37.8°C). Amid the year, Illinois has numerous rainstorms and still around 37 in. of snowfall. The state likewise is compromised by twisters in spring and summer.
Palm Trees in Illinois 

Illinois is not the best place to be if you want to develop palm trees because of its chilly climate. The main area you can attempt to develop palms is in zone 7 close to Cape Girardeau city. Remember, it takes just a single amazingly chilly day to kill the majority of your palms. On the chance that you see that cold front coming, furnish your trees with burlap, covers, much, and more! 

Needle Palm Tree – Zones 5b-11 (- 15 to - 10F)

European Fan Palm Tree – Zones 7b-11 (5 to 10 F) 

Pindo Palm Tree – Zones 7b-11 (5 to 10 F) 

Sago Palm Tree – Zones 7b-11 (5 to 10 F) 

Saw Palmetto Palm Tree – Zones 7a-11 (0 to 5 F) 

Windmill Palm Tree – Zones 7b-11 (5 to 10 F)

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